The Countryside

Location:Aldona, Goa
Area:2000 SqMtr
Client:Mr. Joseph Ellis

The client owned a property in north Goa, which was on a very raw piece of land. The land was very uneven and the property was full of jungle. When we saw the property, we realised that it was quite a big piece of land but couldn’t be noticed. So we levelled up the land to certain extend and created a gradual slope. Also, we found an opportunity to build up the swimming pool to serve the adjoining property which was planned to go on rent for home stay. To prevent it from becoming muddy in monsoon, we created the grass joint pavement all over and laid proper drain channels. We also repaired the old out house to make it a quarter for caretaker along with car garage and store, but all matching to the adjoining Goan style Portuguese villa. The materials used are very much local and natural and the looks traditional. This one is certain to keep the allure of Goa.