Theme Shop

Location: R City Mall, Mumbai
Area: 760 SqFT
Client: Certitude
Category: Commercial

This project was a theme shop. The theme of “Home Collective” is “Europe brought to India” So we decided to introduce few elements resembling the European market. Being in the mall, knowing that the shop would give a walk through experience unlike counter-sell- shops; we decided to pick up the hints from street markets in Europe.

To start with, paved floor was preferred to give feel of street floor. Stacker shelving is used instead of plain glass shelves.

To give the feel of the market structure under open sky, we opted for an open ceiling concept, where silver coated AC ducts and light coloured light brackets stand gainst jet black ceiling resembling a night sky.

For the shop façade, we tried to get elements from European architecture.

Product being the king of the trade, to overcome the shadows casted by top lights, we added top bottom diffused lighting. This lighting also helped in emphasizing the texture and finish of metal items on display. Overall it was shop by the street experience.